What is TourOp

TourOp is a complete software architecture for travel businesses, with the following key goals:

- To drastically reduce the manual work while making travel quotations
- To have a clear, low-memory and structured view on your email traffic, stored per file
- To keep track of all your rates
- To store your data in one centralized place
- To print your documents (quotations, vouchers,...) or send them in digital version by email
- To build out your company's database with destination information, photos, movies, contacts, etc.

Today's landscape of tour operator types is very diverse. Many have totally different ways of doing business, and have developed their very own methods and structures, depending on the travel types that are offered. TourOp is generally aimed to travel designers who want to make virtually any quotation in an efficient and time-saving way, using the available bricks from their database, or with free elements that are only used in that particular quote.

TourOp largely consists of three main parts:

1. Communication engine
An integrated email database keeps track of all email traffic involved with the quotations.

2. Storage engine
TourOp stores all your data with rates in one central place (hotels, vehicles, tours and services, insurances, contacts, flights, ...).

3. Quotation engine
Parts 1 and 2 are joined towards a flexible interface to create and follow-up all your quotations.


TourOp does not use any third-party software, is fully owned by Dot Internet and completely browser-based, which means that no software installation is required. TourOp is accessible by password from any computer with internet-connection. TourOp's philosopy is based on a (large) number of travel elements which are combined into a quotation. Typically, the employee holds the travel route in mind, while selecting the necessary flight(s), accommodation, vehicle rental, things to do, ... and ending up with a complete all-in route.

TourOp was developed by Dot Internet Ltd., in cooperation with a tour operator agency during 2007-2008. Bart Van der Donck, director of Dot Internet Ltd. is also the developer.

Dot Internet Ltd. is active since 1999 and has since then acquired an expertise in software development for travel industries.


© TourOp is a product of Dot Internet Ltd - All rights reserved.

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